Individual Athlete Training Programmes


  • Private Lessons – Technical and Tactical lessons with Peter Schoolkate to improve weekly. Min 2 required per week.
  • iPad Analysis – Use of Tennis Australia Technique App is a FUN way to further assist in your tennis development.
  • 100% Effort – This is a non negotiable, every tennis players MUST bring this on-court.
  • Squad at TW – 2 or 3 times a week, 2 hour per session. This depends on the level of the player.
  • Hitting Lessons – We set up hitting sessions with hitting coaches.
  • Self Practise – Organise Matches and Pennants and YES you will also get homework for additional practise.
  • Tournaments – Entering WA tournaments, volume of tournaments will vary with each player.
  • Goal Setting – Short term and long term goal setting will need to be included.


    Tennis is a sport whereby it is important to have the suitable programme for the player versus the money that you spend. Book in a time with Peter Schoolkate and set up the programme that suits the budget, the player and the coaching team.

    Currently Peter has set up weekly training programmes with different players. To give you an idea each player trains at least 5 hours per week with Schoolkate Tennis but we can add to this so your weekly training schedule can reach from 2 to 20 hours per week. Anything is possible.

    Contact Peter Schoolkate and book in 1 hour to get your programme sorted to suit you.